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We believe that veganism originated from a simple but powerful idea: Compassion is what connects us to one another. Furthermore, being a vegan means that you have a strong moral and ethical compass that guides you through life. These essentials, compassion and standing up for your own voice, led to the creation of The Vegan Vibe.
The Vegan Vibe is a brand that connects people through a common vision; making the world a better place for everyone that lives on this earth. We believe in the power of unity to make a positive impact on society in a compassionate way. The more we stand together and express ourselves in a compassionate, yet powerful and meaningful way, the stronger impact we have on making the earth a better place for every being that lives here.
The Vegan Vibe doesn’t impose their vibe onto anyone, they just amplify what’s
already in the hearts and minds of people: Love.
The core vibes of The Vegan Vibe are grit and compassion. These vibes are uniquely blended in our apparel to catch the vibes of the modern-day vegan. The Vegan Vibe
wants to empower vegans who stand up for what they believe in and share their message in a compassionate way: Do no harm, but vibe.
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